A product for each need in companies and at home

The Company

We are a family business of three generations specialized in the manufacture of textile fibers with home-use application.

Our products are manufactured with raw material mainly from recycled textile fiber. Reasserting our commitment with the environment, this recycling process is also carried out at our textile plant; therefore we cover all the production cycle. By re processing a wide range of textile waste, we contribute to an ongoing sustainable development.

Our industrial plant of more than 10.000 square meters, built in a lot of 80.000 square meters in the district of Batan, in the Province of Buenos Aires, is equipped with the most modern technology, machines and resourses.We have a staff with a team of professionals and more than 140 plant workers and machine operators who guarantee the safety and quality of all the processes in the production line, each and every day.

The company's board of directors, committed to corporate social responsibility, cares about maintaining the quality of our facilities and work conditions of the staff, keeping a continuous and open communication about their needs and opinions, so that through an effective team work management, we maximize the final result.

Our commercial and administrative branch -which works in a network with the plant-, is located in Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

We supply to wholesalers, and the most important chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets of the country. We have expanded our market to neighbouring countries in the last years.

The Sector chooses us because of our history, soundness, respect and commitment made to our customers by keeping our commercial agreements. Our continuity and leadership in the marketplace, makes each and every member of this this 100% Argentine company proud.

Our History


Three generations endorse our quality and commitment from 1957 to date in these countries:

  • Chile

  • Uruguay

  • Argentina

  • Bolivia

Our Brands

  • Logotype Costero
  • Logotype Malambo